Rent to Own - Vehicle Leases for Blacklisted

SA Motor Lease says don’t finance it, lease it or rent it.  Lets us help you get your freedom back with our same day service.  When you lease a vehicle from SA Motor Lease, you can buy a first option contract so that you can sell the vehicle at the end of the lease contract to the person of your choice and get any amount we keep above R100.  This option contract means that after 48 months we will sell the vehicle for as little as R100, depending on what is agreed in your contract.

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Our rent to own contracts work differently to finance, so that you are never locked into a contract and can buy/sell yourself out at anytime at a predetermined price, or return the vehicle with no questions asked and no liability or obligation to make even one more payment.  If your credit situation improves you can get the bank to buy the vehicle, and move your contract over to a finance agreement if you find that preferable to our leasing/rental arrangements.

Whether you are new in the country or you need a solution to the conundrum of car finance for blacklisted people, SA Motor Lease can help.  With a lease you do not need to have credit checks in order to get a vehicle at a realistic  monthly price. So it is like a super duper monthly car rental, where we reward loyalty by letting you have the benefits of ownership.

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